Cellphones and Internet
What can you do with a cellphone?
If you are using a "smart phone" (this is a phone that offers some computer-like applications), you may be able to use it to connect to the Internet using your laptop. So in a place without wifi, you can connect your phone using Bluetooth or with a USB cable to your laptop and surf the Internet if you have a data plan with you cell phone carrier and if you phone and laptop support the technologies. On your phone you would look for Internet Connection Sharing. If using Bluetooth, you would look for the Bluetooth PAN. This works best if the laptop is running Vista and, of course, you phone would need to be able to make and Edge or GPRS connection. Is this all Greek to you? Just do a web search for the terms along with your operating system on your laptop and your brand and model of cell phone. You should be able to find useful advice.

More Cell phone uses
Email and Weather
If you have webmail, the best way to check it on a cell phone (if it's compatible) is to use Opera Mini or Opera Mobile. Opera Mini is for cell phones with a data plan and Opera Mobile is for Smart Phones running Windows Mobile. (Although I'm running Opera Mini on my ATT Tilt Smartphone). It is a Java application, which means your phone must support Java. The best weather site if you want to see the radar is Accuweather.com mobile. And if you can do that you can certainly check your webmail, also. Gmail works very well. Opera Mini has a zoom function which shows you the entire page and then lets you zoom so you can actually read it. Give these a try.

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