Introducing Jeff Lutz, Computer Consultant


jeff Jeff is joining me in helping to service your computer needs.  How did I find Jeff?  I interviewed 1 person I thought I knew and was ready to sign him when he stopped answering my emails and phone calls.  Someone contacted me, and I was getting ready to sign her, when she rejected my business model.  I was referred to someone else, but he decided that he was too busy.  However, he referred me to Jeff.  Jeff worked for Lucent Technologies for some years.  He enjoys working with computers and solving problems, and has done computer-related volunteer work.  He is married and has 2 grandchildren.  Be sure to ask him about the reason for his season ticket to Cedar Point! 

Is Jeff my partner or my employee?  No.  He is an independent consultant like me who I have under contract.  He will make the decision, just as I do, as to whether he can handle your problem and how he will do it.  If you want Jeff, rather than me, just ask.  If you want me, rather than Jeff, just say so.  What does this mean for you? 

  • Quicker response time.  Need help now?  Well you might actually be able to receive help now, rather than on another day. 
  • Better service.  When I don't know the answer, perhaps Jeff will.  And you know the adage, Two Heads are Better Than One.
  • Fresher service.  With someone else to take calls, I don't have to squeeze so much into a day.  I can rest once in awhile and do other things I enjoy (Yes, I do have a life outside of technology!)  This should give you the benefit of not having someone check out your computer in an exhausted mental state.

So better service for you, some rest for me, and another person who is also a technology "geek" to take care of your technology problems.

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