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I just finished this book: 

It's not my usual kind of read. It's an easy book to read--just the thing before I go to sleep. The subtitle has "opportunity" as a theme, but from my frame of reference it should be "disaster" or
"distress."  However, it really doesn't matter what you call it, the book reads the same.  What do we do, how do we act, when we see a lion ahead or end up in a pit with a lion in on a snowy day?  I am still recovering from my burn-out period last year and this was just the book I needed to give me new hope and propel me forward.  I was reminded last weekend of the need just to stay the course--to not be left out of the story.  As Sam said to Frodo, it's the ones who keep going and don't turn back when they encounter difficult times.  Those are the ones who make a difference. 

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