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This series of history DVD's is useful if you are not a history lover.  However, even if you love history as I do you will enjoy them.  Featuring a guide with a sense of humor, and approximately 30-minute segments, anyone would enjoy this!  This was originally broadcast on History Channel but now is available from the producer. . . (Our public library has it, too.)  I have watched just 2 segments. . . I might order the series to watch them all!

Drive Thru History - Rome if you want to...
Price: $19.95

  • Episode 1:  Lost in Rome, the Forum & Palatine Hill, the Emperors during the time of Christ, the Arch of Titus and the destruction of Jerusalem
    Approximate Running Time: 34 Minutes
  • Episode 2:  The Circus Maximus, chariot racing, the great fire of Rome, Nero's persecution of Christians and the Roman Pantheon.
    Approximate Running Time: 31 Minutes
  • Episode 3:  Hannibal invades Rome, the Colosseum, the Gladiators and the early Christian influence.
    Approximate Running Time: 30 Minutes

Drive Thru History - Greece and the Word
Price: $19.95

  • Episode 1:  The Greeks, the Oracle at Delphi, the Olympics, Paul and Alexander the Great.
    Approximate Running Time: 35 Minutes
  • Episode 2:  Lost in Athens, Acropolis & Parthenon, the Philosophers, the life of Paul, Mars Hill, missionary journeys.
    Approximate Running Time: 37 Minutes
  • Episode 3:  Paul in Corinth, Corinthian decadence, Corinth Canal and New Testament evidence.
    Approximate Running Time: 32 Minutes

Drive Thru History - Turkish Delight
Price: $19.95

  • Episode 1: Churches of Revelation, Dave's sweet ride, Ancient Sardis & Smyrna, Darius' Royal Road, Martyrdom of Polycarp.
    Approximate Running Time: 34 Minutes
  • Episode 2:  Hot Springs of Hieropolis, Camel bite, Christians in Laodicea, Ancient Colossae, Paul's Letter to Philemon and the Colossians.
    Approximate Running Time: 31 Minutes
  • Episode 3:  Ancient Ephesus and the Apostle Paul, Letter to the Ephesiands, Roman Ruins, Library of Celsus, Artemis Temple, Ephesus riot of Acts 19.
    Approximate Running Time: 30 Minutes

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